ÜÇER  Grinding Wheel San. and Tic. Co.Ltd. As regards abrasive sandstones, it has been serving the relevant sectors in Turkey since 1981. Our company, which has a product portfolio of 10,000 kinds, is from 3mm to 1060mm. Ceramic and Bakelite stone production by performing tier automotive sanding, automotive industry , tool grinding, standard Emery stones, Emery stones, shaft, iron and steel, wood,glass,porcelain, leather,casting,defense industry,construction industry... it continues its activities by keeping customer satisfaction in the forefront with its special sandstones for its sector. 

Within the framework of this understanding, our company renewed the whole machine park with its new plant, especially at sensitive points such as oven,balance and dimensioning, as well as computer controlled production, from order to order, from production to production to Sevin Hine in computer environment and adopted the concept of Total Quality. 

As a result of one-to-one studies with the consumer, we aim to identify the best sandstone they can use in their production and maximize customer satisfaction.



Our company has adopted the philosophy of "a buyer for a high-quality product is certainly found" and always makes business according to it. Our company increased its export share with its investments and has been increasing it continuously.

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